Essential Oils


What are essential oils?

maytanee-22When shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds are crushed down and pressed, they release a liquid that can then be steamed and distilled. The final product is 100% therapeutic grade essential oil. Because of the distillation process, essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, which makes them highly effective when used properly.


text 2Why use oils and why Young Living?

Essential oils play a vital role in assisting our bodies naturally and give us the emotional, physical, and mental support we typically lack.  They’ve been used all throughout history and continue to make an impact on us even today! When used topically (on the skin), diffused (in the air), and ingested, essential oils can calm moods, create energetic environments, support wellness, and so much more. They can be the healthy alternative you’ve been searching for!

I personally choose Young Living because I trust the integrity of the company and quality of products they offer. Young Living began over 20 years ago and is founded by Dr. Gary Young. A farmer with dreams of sharing oils with the world and a mission to get the highest quality products in every home in the world!

Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade, 100% pure, derived straight from the plant with no harmful fillers ever. Young Living is so unlike what you find at the grocery store. Those other off-brand “oils” are synthetically made and can be very harmful when used. I can confidently use Young Living essential oils on myself and family without fear. This peace of mind is more valuable to me than saving a few dollars by purchasing them elsewhere. They carefully control each step of the production process to ensure authenticity and purity. You can learn more about Young Living’s “Seed to Seal Process” here.

Another Reason to Choose Young Living

You’re supporting dreams of freedom for me and my family. You’re supporting a small business owner instead of a mega corporate store. When you purchase essential oils from me, you’re allowing me to spend quality time with my loved ones and helping us build a strong future for our family financially. I was in a high-stress work environment before, and this “job” creates a safe place where I’m thriving being myself and am now a healthier version of myself. So thank you for investing in me. Your purchases mean so much more than just a paycheck.

How to Get Started

text 14It’s so simple! When you sign up for your Young Living Premium Starter Kit, there’s an entire community ready to greet you and support you on this part of your wellness journey. We have free resources you can access any time, educational classes, and so much more for free! I’ve met some of the greatest people through Young Living and friendships I know will last a lifetime.

What’s in the Premium Starter Kit you ask?? Click here to learn more!

I would love to chat with you and help you find the support you’re seeking. Whether it’s emotional, physical, or mental support, I’m confident there’s an oil for you. Click on the contact page to set up a phone meeting or even an in-person class for you and your friends! Who knows… you could even earn your way to a FREE kit!