2M7A5163-EditHello! My name is Maytanee Campbell and I’m passionate about finding the things that bring me joy in life and sharing them with all the world!

Photography has been a huge passion of mine from an early age and I love capturing special moments for others. There’s beauty all around us so why not make sure we save it? Engagement, bridal, family, birthdays, academic milestones, real estate adventures. You name it and I’ll be there for you!

I’m also super passionate about wellness and supporting others along their journey. I’m a foodie by nature and it kind of runs in our family. Daughter of a professional chef, I’ve learned my way around a kitchen and have fun creating delicious and healthy meals for me and my family. You’ll find some of my favorite recipes here.

Along with filling our bodies with good food, I’m truly obsessed with essential oils and all they do to support our wellness! Emotional, physical, and mental balance are key to living a healthy life and these natural plant juices can help you do that. Click on the Essential Oils tab to learn more!

I would love to sit down over a cup of iced coffee and a gluten-free muffin and chat with you about any of these things and learn your story. Click on over on the contact page so we can connect!