A Vision and a Dream


It’s always been a dream of mine to be a business owner. After college, I took the conventional routes and pursued my dreams only as side hobbies and worked your typical 40-50-hour work weeks to accomplish someone else’s goals. I listened to what the world said was “success” and these are all the things you’re supposed to do after graduating. I believed dreams were meant to stay in your head and never become reality. I was blinded and mostly afraid of dreaming too big.

What God has shown me this past year is that’s quite the opposite. He wants more for me. He wants more for us.

Now dreams aren’t these pretty little boxes tied up with sparkly ribbons and delivered on your doorstep. Dreams take hard work and commitment. It means pushing through the hard feelings of doubt and fear. Dreams take risking everything and believing the outcome will be worth every tear or sweat poured out.

In the past 2 months, I’ve fully committed myself to pursuing Young Living Essential Oils and photography as my businesses. I’ve worked very hard, but I can positively say with lots of love and peace. It’s been a nice change of pace for my body and soul compared to all that I’ve done in the past. Every lesson, job, and experience has brought me to this point and I’m so thankful. It’s been such a freeing and refining process!

2M7A5073With this dream comes hope for right now and hope for our future. With this dream, I’m confident our family vision will come more and more to life. That because of flexibility and being a healthier version of myself, I can give my best to God and my family. We’ll be able to spend more time together, have more adventure, and give more generously to those in need.

I have a lot more to learn and grow, but I’m excited and God has been with me every step so far. I’m consistently assured He’ll continue to guide me as I stay in tune and receive His help. He gets all the glory at the end of the day. This part of the journey takes supernatural trust and I have to ask for it frequently, if not multiple times a day.

This business means more to me than just income, but freedom for our family financially, with time, and freedom from what the world says is “normal.” We can shed off the guilt or shame that comes with pursuing our dreams and trust that this is where God has been leading us the entire time.

Our vision as a family is to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle and give generously. A huge part of living this out is placing  God first! We want a life filled making memories and lots of adventure! We’ve always invested in each other by taking family trips and spending quality time together. We always want to give more too, but sometimes have just enough to pay our bills and get the necessities taken care of. We believe this season is going to be a breakthrough for those two parts of our vision to grow!

Thank you for listening to my heart and supporting our vision as a family and my dream of sharing my gifts and wellness with everyone I meet! Your prayers, well wishes, encouragement, and even financial support through purchasing services and products are truly such gifts to us.

2M7A5165-EditA special thank you to my husband Mark for believing in me and encouraging me when I second guess myself. And thank you to my generous friends Brad Smith and Mailynne Calvin and my ever so amazing sister Achara Tarfa for making this part of the dream become a reality! My dream beyond this dream is that everyone would be able to experience the same freedom in their lives!

Please browse around the entire site and enjoy all the photos and information!

Independent Photographer & Illustrator - Anjeanette Illustration

Photos by Anjeanette Illustration

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